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PPC Team: News

Yesterday was a particularly good day for the PPC team. First up, we had a fantastic review meeting with one of our longest-standing clients, Bissell.....
Jennifer Holt
10th Feb 2017

Measure Users – not numbers #SPWK

div#blogcontentinner p {font-size : 20px;} We were treated to an excellent talk by Caleb Whitmore of Analytics Pros at SuperWeek last week on....
7th Feb 2017

Superweek 2017 Golden Punchcard Winner

Taking triggers up to 11 div#blogcontentinner p {font-size : 20px;} We've just returned from another excellent Superweek in Hungary. If you we....
7th Feb 2017

Get to know the ConversionWorks Analytics team better

This is a test. It might grow into something...who knows? I want to introduce the Analytics team so you know who's behind the awesome. We'll start ....
21st Dec 2016

Exploring Data Studio – Star Wars data vis

Today is a first for me, and who knows, maybe a genuine pioneering first for blogs - I'm going to introduce the idea of an Academy Award Conversion Ra....
1st Nov 2016

Visualise GA EE data using Data Studio

Are you using Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce (EE) for your ecom tracking? Do you want to share EE data using Data Studio (360)? Good.  Read on, ....
24th Oct 2016

GTM Container Placement has massive business impact

Ever wondered what the impact of the GTM container script placement has on your GA data accuracy? Google’s official recommendation is to place the c....
Kai Ruether
6th Oct 2016

Reduce repetition of GTM variables (UPDATED)

div#blogcontent p, div#blogcontent ul{ font-size:20px;} Advanced GTM Post #MondayMotivation Here's a quick advanced post on a useful GTM tec....
23rd Sep 2016

RAR Digital – Grand Prix Winners

ConversionWorks won four awards at last night's RAR Digital Awards including the prestigious Grand Prix award: Grand Prix Analytics ....
Louise Childs
17th Jun 2016

Jenny Holt Shortlisted for Google’s Women in Search Initiative

We are delighted to announce that our very own Head of Paid Search, Jenny Holt, has been shortlisted for Google’s Women in Search Initiative. W....
Louise Childs
6th Apr 2016