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Google Analytics tracking is now available for Adobe Flash

For all those addicted to monitoring and analyzing the traffic on your website, you will be very impressed with the newly available Google Analytics API for Adobe Flash.

The Google analytics team have partnered with Adobe to release an open source Action script 3.0 API for tracking your Flash content.

The big question now is WHY would you use Google Analytics for Flash?

Getting a better understanding of how (or if) your users are interacting with your Flash content is crucial. For instance are you spending a fortune on Flash based video content and assuming your customers are watching it in there 1000’s?

The new Flash/GA API lets you record and understand how users are engaging with your Flash based content. The most popular example would be tracking Flash videos, are your users watching the first 3seconds of your videos then hitting the back button?

With Google Analytics for Flash you can now track how many people start your video, what videos they are watching, how long they have played the video and how many finish the video.

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