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Increase ecommerce sales by tackling your customer’s FUDs

What the hell are FUD’s?

They’re all the little nagging questions in the back of your customer’s mind that are preventing them from buying from you. Answer your customer’s fears, uncertainties and doubts and the result is more people that feel comfortable about taking the leap and buying your products.

See how we increased conversions by 5% by adding just one word and answering one FUD.

An example – my hiking boot FUD’s

I’m off hiking in Scotland next week, and I need to get some hiking boots ASAP! Being busy, I shop online:

Having found a good online hiking boot store, I’m looking to buy right now but before ill take the leap I have a long list of nagging FUD’s I need to tackle:

  • What are the shipping costs?
  • Is the site secure?
  • How do i know if this is a good boot? I’m not a hiking fanatic
  • What do other people think?
  • Is this boot for hiking up Everest, or lazy Sunday walks along the Thames?
  • Does the price include VAT?
  • When will it arrive, I need it this weekend?
  • Are they solid enough?
  • Are they waterproof, what about Gore-Tex?
  • What about the socks?
  • What if I want to return the boots?
  • What payment methods do they take?
  • Can I get this delivered to my work? If so will they arrive between 9 and 5?

Answer my FUDs and win my business

The more of these FUDs you answer the more likely I am to feel comfortable enough this is the boot for me and I should buy right now. You don’t necessarily need to answer EVERY item on the list, but the more you tick off the higher the probability i’ll take the leap.

How do I find my visitor’s FUDs?

Here’s a few great ways to start:

  1. Start by reviewing your site
    Are you missing vital information on your product pages? Everything there that should be? Think about things like shipping costs, delivery date, website security etc.
  2. Go chat with the person who answers the phone
    Are customers phoning you everyday, asking the same questions? If so that’s a great place to start
  3. Use a service like Kampyle to get feedback from real customers
    Getting real feedback from real customers is invaluable. Kampyle is a great service and best of all it’s free.
  4. Usability testing
    Usability testing using people unfamiliar with your site is a great way to uncover problems and issues with your site. It can also help uncover hidden FUDs.


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