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‘The Super Cookie’ – Some Early Results

Russell has filled you in on the business advantages associated with the Super Cookie and explained the fundamental flaws with the traditional last clicks wins model. To compliment this Jack and Jon have documented the install and configuration process and given away the Super Cookie source code for free.

If you haven’t already done so have a read through both of the above posts before continuing.

Ok, so back to the data! Whilst the Super Cookie is still very much in its infancy we have been able to pilot its use on live websites and collect some early data.

The obliging guinea pig account in question was our friends at In just three weeks of data here are some highlights (or lowlights depending on your perspective!):-

  • In excess of 60% of all conversions involved multiple visits and multiple sources/phrases.
  • In excess of 30% of all conversions were fully credited to the last referring source with no credit given to earlier introductory sources.
  • In excess of 20% of all conversions were fully credited to a single phrase when multiple phrases contributed to the conversion.
  • Based on the last click wins model 53% of all conversions were credited to Adwords. However, in reality Adwords played a part in more than 70% of all conversions.

The phrase “bitter sweet” springs to mind, sweet because I love having all of this additional data. Bitter because naturally now I’m questioning some of the historic decisions I’ve made based on the partial data provided by the last click wins model.

Admittedly, this is early data and I haven’t spent enough time fully dissecting the numbers but it is plainly obvious that if you’re relying on the last click wins model you’ll be making important decisions without ever accessing or understanding the steps taken by your visitors leading up to a conversion.

A sobering thought and something you’ll definitely need to be conscious of next time you log into your analytics system!

Commercial Services – would you like to start tracking the full referral path of your campaigns?

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