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Boutique hotel specialists Mr & Mrs Smith integrate offline tracking into Google Analytics

For most hotel retailers tracking offline conversions that come in via the phone is a tricky dilemma. How do you get your web analytics package to measure and record all of your customers that decide to phone rather than book online?

Boutique hotel specialists Mr & Mrs Smith had this exact problem. If they could accurately link their offline sales with their online marketing activities they would have a much clearer idea of what marketing delivers sales.

The result? More accurate analytics leading to better decisions on where to invest crucial marketing budgets.

ConversionWorks helped Mr and Mrs Smith plan an offline analytics solution that was simple and easy to implement.

“The solution was simple and yet really effective, within a matter of weeks we were able to track all our offline conversions accurately and link the data back into our web analytics.”

Tamara Heber-Percy, Marketing Director
Mr & Mrs Smith

If you have lots of offline conversions or telephone orders contact us for advice on how to better track and understand your offline sales.


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