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Google Analytics Assign ConversionWorks to run their Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation have appointed ConversionWorks as their analytics and conversion rate optimisation partner.  The relationship will allow to fast track their analytics and multivariate testing programme and increase their online conversion rates.

With over 12 years experience, specialise in online payments, allowing companies to take secure online credit and debit card payments which are then processed by The service removes the headaches of credit card security, PCI compliance and bank processing for the client and the end user has one simple, easy-to-use page for making secure credit card payments.

Using Google Analytics and the Google Website Optimiser, ConversionWorks will help PayPoint to indentify barriers to conversion and opportunities to increase online sales.

“We’re thrilled to be working with PayPoint, the client has huge opportunity to use Multivariate and A/B Testing in order to improve conversion rates and increase the ROI from their existing online traffic. ”

Doug Hall, Head of Internet Marketing and Conversions


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