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(Not-so) New Addition to the Conversion Team!

Hard to believe that I’ve been a member of the Conversion team for over 6 months now, it’s absolutely flown by and I’ve had a great time settling in. Having previously commuted to London every day on overcrowded public transport, the transition from Train to Car certainly made for a refreshing change. I now find myself arriving at the office with a spring in my step rather than stepped-on foot!

But not having to commute anymore is only one in a long list of reasons that the move to ConversionWorks has been so positive. From day one I was impressed at how dedicated and focused the team is on driving and measuring conversions. Boosting conversion rates is absolutely at the core of the business and this ethic is greatly inherent in the mindset of every employee. It’s also great to be working for one of the few UK agencies to have received quadruple accreditation from Google – a reflection of our ability to provide fully comprehensive, leading solutions for our clients.
Here’s a bit about what I’ve been up to since joining the team:

Onboarding of New Business

Following the acquirement of six new PPC accounts over the last few months, I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the clients and working with them to identify their advertising goals. In addition, researching, planning and implementing effective campaign strategies to ensure that the end result delivers exactly what the clients set out to do.
We currently manage the PPC activity for 14 clients, the success of which has largely stemmed from these initial but important stages of the onboarding process.

Google Advanced Exam

In November I took and passed Google’s Search Advertising Advanced Exam which covered advanced best practices for managing AdWords campaigns. This happened around the same time that as an agency, we gained accreditation as a Google AdWords Certified Partner which replaced our existing status as an AdWords Qualified Company. The new qualification recognises to an even greater extent than before, the skill and expertise upheld by our team which is demonstrated to clients on a daily basis.

Internal AdWords Training

Here at ConversionWorks we harness a culture of knowledge-sharing and cross-learning. So I have been doing my bit by putting on my teacher hat and providing AdWords training for some colleagues, starting with the basics and moving on to more advanced techniques in later sessions.

Large Scale Optimisations

As any PPC practitioner knows, the search landscape is constantly changing due to a number of external influences such as competition, seasonality and consumer demand that are outside of an advertiser’s control. As a result, small and regular campaign optimisations in an effort to remain competitive are sometimes not enough so more drastic action is needed such as a campaign restructure. This is something I’ve rolled out for several clients over the past few months.


Mobile, location extensions, product extensions, sitelinks, Google Remarketing, Google Display Advertising, AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE), broad-match modifier, enhanced CPC, Display Campaign Optimiser, click to call tracking, Facebook, YouTube – you name it, we’ve tested/are testing it.

Watch this space for future blogs case-studying successful tests in more detail!


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