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Hour of Day Conversion Reporting now Available in Google AdWords

Gone are the days of having to delve into Google Analytics to find out how your AdWords conversions stack up at different times of the day. Over the last week or so, Google has begun populating the conversion columns of Hour of Day reports within AdWords. These columns were previously left empty, with the report (rather frustratingly) displaying only pre-conversion data.

To see this information for yourself, navigate to the Dimensions tab and select Hour of Day from the View menu.

As it stands on the day of writing, our reports have been backdated to the 4th February and it will be interesting to see whether Google imports historical data beyond this date.

Either way, this new feature is a great addition to the Dimensions tab. Not only is the data now available without having to leave the AdWords interface but it’s also provided for each Campaign and Adgroup, making it possible to tailor Hour of Day strategy on a really granular level.


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