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Handy Google Analytics Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Handy Google Analytics keyboard shortcuts

Google Analytics just added a handy list of shortcuts to quickly load a report, jump to a time period or pick a date comparison.

As a power excel user, I frequently use x and y for cut and paste.

Thus utilising this new shortcut list will be really handy! The list includes:

Date Range

  • d t : Set date range to today
  • d y : Set date range to yesterday
  • d w : Set date range to last week
  • d m : Set date range to last month

Date Range toggle

  • d c :    Toggle date comparison mode (previous period)
  • d x :    Toggle date comparison mode (previous year)

To display this list just press <Shift>? or you can print the Google Analytics keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet here.

If you can think of a new keyboard shortcut you would like to see added to Google Analytics, then add a comment below or tweet #ganalyticshortcuts and we will pass this onto the GA team.

For example, I would like to see d-f to load the table filter on report pages.




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