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I’m talking about Tag Management Solution Gotchas at eMetrics in October

I’ll be talking on a panel comprising three industry experts at eMetrics London in October. The panel discussion title is: The Gotchas for Tag Management:

While debates may still continue on the need for a Tag Management System and definitely on which tool you should use, let’s skip ahead a bit. On the assumption you are going to implement a TMS, what is going to cause you to shake your fist at the sky and curse whoever gave you this job. Listen to three people who have gone through the process and have the scars to show for it. Learn from their mistakes to avoid making them yourself.

I’ll take the gloves off for this session and I’ll be telling it like it is – not to be confrontational but to tell the TMS story as we’ve seen it. What works. What doesn’t. How to make the most of the investment in a TMS and how to avoid pitfalls.

I’ll post more info on the session closer to October. In the meantime registration for eMetrics is open


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