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What is Twerking? Top Google Search Trends of 2013 Revealed!

What is this “twerking” you speak of? Sound like a stupid question? Well, it just so happens that this was the most searched question in 2013 in the UK. I don’t sound so stupid now do I?

Below are the top 10 Google trending “What is” questions in 2013 for the UK:

  1. What is twerking
  2. What is my IP
  3. What is YOLO
  4. What is a prime number (Oh dear…)
  5. What is illuminati
  6. What is my car worth
  7. What is spooning
  8. What is global warming
  9. What is Zumba
  10. What is the meaning of life

For the folks still searching for an answer, twerking is the dance move that has been made famous by Miley Cyrus. It has been defined by the Oxford dictionary (yes, it was officially added in to the Oxford dictionary in August 2013) as “a dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance”. Ah, one of life’s great mysteries solved.

Interestingly, Google users were more interested in discovering what “YOLO and “spooning” meant than trying to figure out the meaning of life (I always found trying to discover the meaning of life rather overrated if you ask me).

This is not the only list released. Google also released an uncategorised list of top 10 global search trends for 2013, in which it became evident that recent celebrity deaths had also made an impact on what online users were searching for that year. Topping the list at number one was Mr Nelson Mandela (who sadly left us in December 2013).

In at number 2 was Paul Walker. Google noticed a large increase in the search term “Paul Walker” (after news of his tragic death in 2013). In fourth came Cory Monteith, one of Glee’s leading stars, who also passed away on July 13th 2013.

However, new life also caused a large spike in Google search data. Not only did royal Baby George reach the top 10 overall search volumes list for both the UK and US, by entering the World on July 22nd 2013, but he also topped Yahoo Search Engine’s list of “UK’S top 10 online obsessions” in 2013 (creating an online buzz across multiple search engines).

So there you have it; an insight into Google search trends from the year 2013! Also, for the record, I assure you all that I most certainly was not one of the people that Googled “What is twerking” (looks down at the floor and laughs awkwardly).

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