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GTM Container Injector Chrome Extension (MeasureCamp)

At the end of March Russ and I participated in the fourth running of the excellent and highly recommended MeasureCamp.

Amongst the many excellent sessions I chose to run a short talk regarding a Chrome Extension that I wrote. Russell had the idea at the end of 2013 that many clients wanted to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) but were unable to get the required JavaScript tag container snippet on all the pages on their site for a variety of reasons.

We discussed using a Chrome Extension to inject the tag container on the site to aid development, testing and demonstrating a proof of concept GTM installation.

So, the Chrome Extension was born. The MeasureCamp session provided a full tear down of the extension as well as a description of the ideal use case.

The excellent questions during the session included the matter of how to not run the extension on certain pages on a site and restricting the extension to only operating on a single specified domain.

The answers to these questions are available in the new version linked below and can be seen here.

Feel free to download and use this extension. At this point in time this is offered with little or no support (depends on how nicely you ask!) and certainly no guarantee that it will work perfectly in all circumstances. ConversionWorks is hereby absolved of all liability regarding loss of data or damage to data if you use this extension..blah blah legal blah.

If you take the plunge I hope you find this useful and it makes your life better. If you have feedback or suggestions, all welcome. If your world goes south through some error when using the extension then on your own head…

The MeasureCamp deck

The extension


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