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Business benefits of Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce reporting

Last week, at the Google Analytics Summit, Google publicly announced the launch of Enhanced Ecommerce reporting in Google Analytics.

This one is massive!

Enhanced Ecommerce is an example of what Google Analytics does best; it brings simple, intuitive reporting to marketers and makes actionable insights accessible and obvious.

There are a LOT of new features to the Enhanced Ecommerce reports, but here are the three that get me really excited:

1. Understand customer-shopping behavior

Where do your potential customers leave the buying process?  The new report lets you see how users progress through the shopping funnel, and most importantly where they leave:

The simplicity of this report is what gets me excited.  It lets me easily identify my biggest bottlenecks and direct my UX/testing team to focus their time on fixing the right problem.

Why is it useful?

Understand how far along the buying process your users get and most importantly where they drop off.

How can you act?

Identify where users drop-off, then improve/change/test those pages.

2. Win customers back with one-click Remarketing

With one-click you can set a list to Remarket to users who exit at key stages of your shopping funnel.

Enhanced Ecommerce makes it even easier to identify the shoppers who are of value and with just one-click set a remarketing list to bring them back.

The killer combination here is visibility: ‘wow look how many people we’re losing in the checkout

Coupled with action: ‘let’s remarket to them and win some back’.

If Rambo was an analyst this would be his nirvana.  Identify your target and act!

3. Powerful, new metrics

The new reports introduce some powerful new metrics.  My personal favourites are:

  1. Product Detail Views
  2. Products Added
  3. Cart-to-Detail ratio
  4. Buy-to-Detail ratio

Having spent hours working-out these metrics by hand it’s (really) great to see them natively supported by Google Analytics!

Pull these new metrics together and I can answer some powerful questions:

Which products are shoppers really interested in (Product Detail Views) but never get beyond first base (Cart-to-Detail ratio)?
  • These products are popular, we should be selling more of them!
  • Once I have the biggest offenders I can dig a little deeper – is the product priced competitively, are the competition offering the same product with free delivery?
  • If the product is unique to my store I can check if we’re doing a good job presenting it – photos, features, benefits and product specs
  • Does the product description match the product?
Which products sell really well (Cart-to-Detail ratio) but rarely get a look-in (Product Detail Views)?
  • In this instance I’m looking for those golden products that convert really well (Cart-to-Detail ratio) but aren’t that popular (Product Detail Views)
  • If I promote these products to key positions on my homepage can I sell more units?  I know they sell well when viewed by shoppers, perhaps they just need more prominence?
Which products make it to the basket (Products Added) but never make it to full sale?

So close, yet so far! But now I have the data I can look for a pattern:

  • Is the shipping cost too expensive relative to the price of the product?
  • Do we need to offer a better warranty on these products?
  • Are they bulky products, which means the customer has to be at home for delivery, and we need to start offering 30min delivery windows?
  • Does the returns policy need rewording?

If you want to learn more, we run GA training courses that cover Enhanced Ecommerce in much greater detail.  Get in touch and we can talk you through it.


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