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New Sitelink Performance Data Available in AdWords

It started out just like any other Wednesday. I went into my client’s AdWords account, navigated over to the ad extensions tab for one of my campaigns, clicked on the ‘Segment’ option in order to segment by ‘Click type’ only to discover a new way to segment ad extension data on AdWords. This new option is called ‘This Extension vs. Other’.

If you click on this reporting option, it allows you to see how many clicks you received for each individual sitelink and compare this to data for other individual sitelinks.

This is not the same as segmenting by ‘Click type’. Segmenting by ‘Click type’ allows you to view how many clicks your ad received when each sitelink was present. However with the ‘This Extension vs. Other’ option, it is possible to see how many impressions, clicks and conversions were generated by each sitelink, and compare this information against other sitelinks present across the campaign.

Therefore, if you find CTR is low for a specific sitelink, you could replace it and test out another sitelink. By being able to optimise our sitelinks this way, it is possible to further increase the overall CTR of our ads, which is likely to lead to a higher Quality Score and improved overall cost efficiencies across the campaign.


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