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Search Term Cloud in Google Analytics

Analysts and marketers love internal site search because with internal site search data they can really understand user intentions, discover missing content or opportunities and fix what is really important – what users want!

Before delving into complex analysis, one easy way to analyse internal site search is to use the term cloud report.

Where Term Cloud can be accessed

The term cloud report can be really convenient because it allows the visual representation of data in a special and efficient way through the use of information graphics. The term cloud report, like data visualisations in general, tells a story in a simple way and makes complex data more accessible, understandable and usable.

For example, the insights shown in the visualisation below are easier to grasp ‘at a glance’ than in the raw data:

Unfortunately, the term cloud report does not yet exist within internal site search reports in Google Analytics. For those who love data visualisation, and those who want their cloud report, a simple and practical solution does exist. There is no need to wait for the next Google Analytics update on this topic. The solution is to apply two advanced filters and push search terms into normal “keywords report” where the term cloud report can be accessed.

Before rushing into action, it is worth highlighting that best practice recommends to not inflate normal keyword reports and set the filters on a separate view. Moreover, it is worth saying that in order to distinguish normal keyword and search terms, we should append an identifier, such as “onsiteKW” to those pushed keywords.

The two advanced filters will be applied with the following settings:

It’s worth stating that the filter order is not important. When those filters are in place, magic will happen and internal site search terms will be available within the normal keyword report and you be able to access a similar report to the one below.


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