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Demographics Data Now Available in AdWords

As you may be aware, in October a new demographics tab became available under the display networks section within AdWords.

With this tab, you can view charts for your display campaigns based on demographics such as age, gender or parental status (as shown in the image below).

You also have the option to view impression, click and conversion volumes visually for each of these types of demographics (using the drop down menu shown underneath).

This data is invaluable because, by using this, we can optimise our display campaigns even further by appealing to more valuable types of users through our ad messaging.

For instance, when viewing data from the ‘Demographics’ tab for a display campaign, you may discover that more males convert than females. You can then use this insight to amend your ads so that they are more appropriately targeted towards males (to test whether this will further increase conversion rates for your display campaign).

Furthermore, more recently AdWords added a new ‘View Demographics Combinations’ feature (see image below) within this tab. When enabling this feature, you can now choose to view combinations of demographic data (data segmented by age and gender within one row, for example). This is really beneficial because this data can be used to optimise the display campaigns for more conversions.

For instance, if you are using AdWords to promote baby products, you can use the ‘View Demographics Combinations’ feature to identify which demographic is bringing in the most conversions. If you find that young parents between the ages of 18 – 24 are converting the most in your display campaigns, you can use this information to engage this demographic audience even further by advertising promotional offers exclusively for new parents (in order to increase conversion volumes).

You may come across the term ‘Unknown’ within this tab (as seen above). The ‘Unknown’ category is for all the users whose age, gender and/ or parental status have not been identified by AdWords, either because these users have not enabled tracking for this or because the websites do not reveal this information. However, the ‘Unknown’ entries can be easily filtered when analysing data.

To sum up, the ‘Demographics’ tab allows us to optimise our display campaigns based on interesting demographic data that was unavailable before. We can now optimise our display campaigns even further by targeting to more specific demographics through our ad messaging. If we find that a certain type of demographic is converting well, we can tailor our display ads and make it more appropriate for that demographic (which could potentially lead to additional conversions!)

We have been using this data to optimise some of our PPC campaigns so watch this space.


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