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ConversionWorks – CRODay

April 9th. 11 AM (British Summer Time). ConversionWorks kick off the inaugural Conversion Rate Optimisation Day.

We were really honoured and delighted to be invited by UnBounce to join the world’s top rated CRO Experts in a 24 hour marathon set of Hangouts, Webinars, AMAs and Twitter chats to share a wealth of CRO information and insights. You can see all the session recordings if you go to and sign up. These sessions are really worth watching – go and sign up now!

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce for non-transactional sites

We got the day started with a Webinar describing a technique we’ve seen used previously and blogged by Simo Ahava – Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce for content sites. Simo’s excellent post is well worth a read to get a handle on the technical aspects of the solution (don’t forget – this is Universal Analytics functionality). Our webinar recording and deck cover the business benefits that the solution offers, how to use the data and some more technology to turbo charge the value of the data.

People, process and technology – EE Framework

We describe an example use case for EE data on non-transactional sites and a process you can use to get started – a framework for translating EE data points from a transactional context to a non-transactional context. Take this spreadsheet, feel free to reuse it and get cracking with EE on your non-transactional site.

Use the material covered in the deck and the recording to help you get started with the solution.

Coming soon

We demonstrated a Chrome plugin we’re working on. The relabelling machine is the working title. Better title suggestions are welcome! The plugin enables us to take standard EE reports like this:

And applying the Relabelling Machine treatment renders the report like this:

The usefulness of the data is enhanced. You can take this report to a HiPPO and it makes sense. Nice. Watch this space. We’ll Tweet and blog when it’s ready…

As well as product title suggestions we welcome feedback on the webinar, suggestions on how this solution can be reused and any questions you have regarding the technique.

‘Till then, go and get started with EE. We wish you success with your non-transactional sites.


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