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Google AdWords: Automatically Converting Text Ads into ‘Richer Text Image Ads’

Google is constantly making design changes to how text ads are rendered across the ever-changing devices we use. These are designed to make text ads more effective, aesthetically pleasing, and visible to end-users.

In July 2015, Google introduced automatic rendering changes in order to provide the best possible performance for advertisers. These changes convert text ads into different three different ad formats:

Standard Text

This ad type features the ad text prominently, but shows the display URL within the second frame of the ad to allow for a larger font and clearer layout. These ads appear like so:

Rich Media Text

According to Google, this is the most brand safe ad type within the text ads family. Rich Media Text ads display the advertiser logo from Google+, unless the advertiser supplies their own via AdWords Support, and use the primary and secondary colours of the logo. These ads are displayed like so:

Native Text

This ad format takes on the look and feel of the publisher’s page. Typically, these placements are ‘in-feed’ with the content. Similar to the Rich Media Text format, the advrtiser logo is taken from Google+, unless the advertiser supplies their own via AdWords Support. If a logo is not available via Google+ a stock photo may be used

Advertisers are opted-in to the automatic rendering by default. If advertisers wish to opt-out, they can do so at account-level by contacting the AdWords Support team with their account number, and state each ad format they wish to opt-out of.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of viewing the performance of each of these ad text formats, however Google is constantly improving the reporting available so we expect this will be coming soon!

We couldn’t seem to find any announcement of this change within the AdWords blog, however here’s the original announcement from the AdSense blog:


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