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Exploring Data Studio – Star Wars data vis

Today is a first for me, and who knows, maybe a genuine pioneering first for blogs – I’m going to introduce the idea of an Academy Award Conversion Rate.

My friend Daniel Waisberg recently posted a fascinating piece of work exploring the data surrounding the Marvel & DC Cinematic universes. Go read it – entertaining and insightful!

Got me thinking. I’m a huge Star wars fan. Have been since ’83 when I took my first trip to a cinema to watch ‘Jedi.

Mind. Blown.

Loved every minute of it. Even the Ewoks. Well, I was only 8 to be fair!

Older and wiser, I’m still a fan and I’m excited by the upcoming release of Rogue One.

So, following from Waisberg’s Data Studio masterpiece, I sought out data from, Wikipedia, and Rotten Tomatoes.

Using Data Studio 360 I’ve told the story of success and mediocrity through the first trilogies to the start of the third.

Take a look – Star Wars Data Vis.

I was delighted to see Irvi Kirshner deliver a solid 100% conversion rate on Oscar Nominations – “Empire” clearly stands up as the choice of the connoisseur 😀

As a movie fan, this was a fun exercise. As a data practitioner, the exercise was a great learning experience in how to use Data Studio and to see what it might be capable of in the hands of someone with more design talent than me…

Give it a go. Find your genre, collate the data and go nuts. Discover insights and learn how to use a great tool at the same time.


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