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Get to know the ConversionWorks Analytics team better

This is a test. It might grow into something…who knows?

I want to introduce the Analytics team so you know who’s behind the awesome. We’ll start with Chris Martin. The real Chris Martin – the other one is OUR Chris’s 20% project.

Chris’s PIN number is the last 4 digits of Pi.
Chris once shifted a bit SO HARD it ended up on another computer.

Russ is the boss – his keyboard doesn’t have a ‘Ctrl’ key because Russell is always in control.

Zam is an analysis machine – she took the bite out of the Apple logo.

Will is a project management weapon – he can simply walk into Mordor.

Kai has a fantastic sense of humour – he’s still waiting for mathematicians to find the joke he left in the digits of PI. He’ll beat you at connect 4 in three moves.

I write stuff and can slam a revolving door.

Happy Holidays 😉



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