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Amplify the value of GA360 with These Three Simple but Under Utilised Things

This is message to Google Analytics 360 users. If you aren’t doing these three simple things, start now and you’ll level up your GA 360 value in no time.

Use the 360 suite home user admin

When you go to you land on the suite home overview:

Have you ever clicked on the Admin link?  Try it now!

Now click on the “Users” link in the left hand menu.

Did you know you can do organisation wide user admin here without stepping foot into the GA admin section?  WOW!
An extremely useful, but seldom used function is the User Policy.  While the User Policy is advisory only right now, you probably want to take a close look at this.  Do you have multiple agencies dipping into your GA?  The User policy lets you keep tabs on which email domains have access to your 360 Suite products:


If this is advisory only, how is this useful?  Once you have a policy set up, go find the policy violators and take action!  In “Users -> All Users”, use the search or filter panels in the top right:

The filter panel lets you trawl through all the users who have access to your 360 suite to find who’s busted your policy.  Find them, fix the trespass issue.


Do you know when users are using your 360 suite products? You’ve spent good coin on this license – if folks aren’t using the tool, perhaps there’s an opportunity for skills transfer to help users get more value from the tool?  At least ask the question “why” the tool isn’t used by certain users, go help your colleagues be rock stars!
It’s fast and easy to build a filter to find who’s not been into the suite for a while and then lend that important helping hand:


Finally, make sure the right users have the right access to the right products:


Can you find users who should have access to Tag Manager but don’t?  Now you know it’s easy to find and fix these issues as scale.

Custom tables

Outside of the suite admin, go to GA, hit the (new) “ADMIN” link at the bottom of the left hand menu. Look at the middle panel (Property) and click on the very bottom link:


See that? Custom Tables. Ever used it?  Here’s why you should (my bold):

After a custom table is created, your data will start being specially aggregated so that any reports matching a custom table will be displayed fast and unsampled.
Yep, you read that right. Fast and Unsampled GA data in the web UI. You’ll be seeing far less of this:


Putting a Custom Table together is a no brainer if you’ve ever done a custom report or segment:


Simple. Name it, add a description, add dims, mets, segments and filters as needed and then save it.


There are some key details to know about though. First, if you want your native reports to use the custom table, the custom table config needs to match your native report exactly. A common scenario is to build the report you want and then build a custom report to mirror the custom table – then the custom report will use the custom table.


You can’t edit custom tables. If you mess up, you have to delete the table and start again so accuracy is important.


You can have up to 100 per property so make sure they’re set up right at the start.  Once you’ve set up the custom table, the aggregation can take up to two days. Then, the data will only be “fast and unsampled” if your reporting date range starts after the custom table aggregation started. Simply, you set a custom table up today, don’t expect last years data to be aggregated.
Once you’ve set up the custom table, you can access it directly in the “CUSTOMISATION” menu, embed it in a custom report or see the results in any report that matches your custom table:

Use your 360 reseller partner more

I’ll admit to being slightly biased on this final point but in all seriousness, if you have a reseller partner, make ‘em work for you and work them hard!  There’s a contractual obligation that requires respect first of all.  At the very least you expect:

  • Support
  • Admin
  • Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Education/training

We say you need to go further. Use your 360 reseller to extract the maximum strategic value from the product. They’re the product experts. Use them as such and the return from 360 will be magnified. We think that if you don’t “lean” on your 360 suite reseller, you’re getting a smaller percentage of the available product. We expect clients to lean on us and if they don’t we invite them to “lean” a lot harder. It’s in their own interest!

We kindly ask clients to not sit on a problem case and sweat it and the same goes for you. Your problems are opportunities for learning. Use your partners to help you learn and move your analytical expertise forwards at a pace.

At ConversionWorks we put huge effort into understanding our 360 client’s businesses. We need to absorb as much domain knowledge as possible so we can advise where and how to use 360 suite products to best effect. It’s a big challenge but one we love to take on.


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