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FIXED! Hiding the menu in Google Analytics

I’m grumpy

And with good reason. One of my most used and favourite-ist keyboard shortcuts in Google Analytics is (was!) the menu hide toggle.

If you haven’t used keyboard shortcuts, here’s a massive Friday win. Type ? when in GA to see the available keyboard shortcuts:

Google Analytics Keyboard shortcuts


Neat, huh?  I use the date range shortcuts all the time. Super fast analysing-like-a-boss-mode engaged! But not so fast. The (mostly) excellent UI update seems to have killed off the ‘m’ option. Hiding the menu is often needed to get a decent picture of your data. It doesn’t work currently.  No doubt the super-duper folks at The Big G are hard at work on new stuff but ‘m’ doesn’t look like it’s a current priority.

So I fixed it

It’s not elegant. I know. It’s 5 minutes work so give me a break.  Just add a bookmarklet to your browser:

Call it something like “ConversionWorks loves us and is relentlessly kind” or “GA Menu Hide” depending on how grateful you’re feeling. Then add this as the bookmark:

javascript:document.onkeydown = function (e) {if(e.keyCode == 77){jQuery('#ga-nav-collapse').click();}};

Now, when you open a GA report, click the bookmarklet and ‘m’ is working again.

Pause to wait for applause

really hope this hack has a short shelf life. Till then, I hope this helps your productivity


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