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Google Shopping Merchant Promotions Refresher

Launched in 2014 for the UK market, Merchant Promotions are by no means new but adoption rates remain low so we thought it was time for a refresher. Merchant Promotions allow advertisers to showcase offers to users within their Google Shopping ads like the example below.

Why implement Merchant Promotions?

With Google Shopping playing a key part in the success of e-commerce paid search campaigns, merchant promotions can be essential in setting an advertiser apart in a competitive market by offering an eye-catching ‘special offer’ link alongside the Shopping ad. This will boost click-through rate and the added value from your offer positively influences conversion rate.

Examples of Merchant Promotions:

  1. 10% Off with code APRIL10
  2. Free Gift e.g. an accessory such as a carry case for the product they are buying
  3. Free Shipping

As with the last example, there is no pressure to reinvent the wheel, an initial starting offer can be as simple as offering free postage and packing for a set period. Many clients we have set this up for have already been offering incentives on their site so it was a no-brainer to showcase these with their Google Shopping ads. If you need to get the creative juices flowing have a look at this Google guide which contains examples of what they allow as a valid offer.

How do you set these up?

If you currently do not have a tab named ‘Promotions’ in your Google Merchant Centre, the initial step is to get approval via this form. This takes 1-2 business days to be processed.

For creating promotions, there are two options available. If you only have a few promotions to submit, you can do this simply via the interface itself. Alternatively, if you have many offers or perhaps they are continually changing you have the option of submitting a Promotions Feed.  Both steps are detailed in this easy to follow Google guide here.

Things to look out for:

  • Maximum duration of an offer is 6 months (183 days)
  • Offers must be redeemed at checkout at time of purchase
  • If an offer is only valid for specific products – make sure to map the ‘promotion_id’ to those specific products in your Product feed.

How to monitor success?

You can segment campaigns with Merchant Promotions by click-type where you will see promotion performance under the ‘Shopping ad – Coupon’ click-type category. Here you can see impressions generated by your promotion offer and clicks to the ‘shop’ button. It is worth taking these numbers with a pinch of salt as certain metrics e.g. clicks and CTR will appear to be low but will not express the overall impact of showing the ‘special offer’ button to the campaign. One way to achieve this is to compare CTR and other metrics such as conversion rate pre/post promotion launch to calculate the impact of promotions.

Overall, merchant promotions can give an invaluable boost to your Shopping campaigns and are without a doubt worth a test. If you have any questions about Merchant Promotions or need any help getting these set up please feel free to get in touch.


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