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Google Marketing Next 2017

Google Marketing Next 2017Over the last two days, we’ve been in San Francisco attending Google Marketing Next – an annual conference that brings together digital marketing leaders from around the world to explore the future of Ads, Analytics and DoubleClick.

The event kicked off on Tuesday morning with an Innovations Keynote, streamed live to tens of thousands of marketers across the globe.

Then followed a series of exclusive talks from many of Google’s senior leaders on a range of hot topics including attribution, audience targeting and measurement. Day two featured an inspirational Women’s Leadership breakfast and panel.

Being under NDA, we are unable to share the content from these sessions. In this post therefore, we’ll focus on four announcements from the keynote that we’re most excited about.

In case you missed it, here’s a recording of the livestream.

Our Top 4 Announcements from the GMN Keynote:

New Product: Google Attribution

New Product: Google AttributionBig news! Google has released a new product that will give advertisers a holistic view of performance across all channels and devices – solving the attribution conundrum that has challenged advertisers for so many years. By unifying data across AdWords, Analytics and DoubleClick Search and switching to a data-driven attribution model, it will be possible to understand the true value of marketing touchpoints so that bids and budgets can be adjusted accordingly. A paid version of the product – Google Attribution 360 – is being rolled out to support enterprise-level clients with a number of additional features.

Google Optimize to Integrate with AdWords

Google Optimize to Integrate with AdWordsBy integrating Google’s A/B testing tool with AdWords, it will be possible to quickly and easily create highly relevant landing pages on a keyword, ad or campaign level – without the need for any coding or URL changes. As a result of an improved landing page experience, advertisers taking advantage of this feature are likely to see lower bounce and higher conversion rates.

In-Market Audiences for Search Ads

By bringing In-Market Audiences to the Search Network, it will be possible to adjust bids for users that have high purchase intent. In-Market Audiences, which have been available as a targeting option across the Google Display Network for some time, uses machine learning to identify valuable prospects that are actively looking to purchase your products or service.

Google Surveys 360 to Integrate with AdWords

Google Surveys 360 to Integrate with AdWordsEver wondered why your users abandon basket at a particular step of the checkout process? Or, what’s more important to your users – free delivery or loyalty rewards? Coming soon, you will be able to ask those very questions. By integrating Google Surveys 360 with AdWords, it will be possible to target surveys to specific audiences, allowing for valuable feedback that can be used in the optimisation of adcopy, landing pages and keyword selection.

With improvements being made to the way we measure, plan and execute our marketing campaigns, one thing is clear: there has never been a better time for digital advertisers. We look forward to testing out these new features for our clients.


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