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Pushing AdWords Personalisation Further with Google Optimize

As marketers, we spend a lot of time teasing apart the vast amount of data that’s available to us to push the boundaries and maximise the performance across our clients’ accounts. However, we all know that this is just the start. The true magic happens when a search query, ad AND landing page all work together to create a seamless customer experience.

Creating this experience can sometimes be quite challenging – with the need to create new pages, tweak content, replace images, etc. All of which is time-consuming and often stands in the way of creating truly awesome digital journeys.

The solution? Google Optimize.

Marketers now have the ability to link an Optimize account with an AdWords account to allow us to create those perfect user journeys we all aspire to achieve.

Our friends at Google provided us with early access through the Optimize Beta, a few months ahead of the launch last week.

So, what tactics would we recommend?

Start small

A good starting point is to make small tweaks to help improve the relevancy of a page according to the user’s search. Begin by selecting the top volume ad groups within an account. From here, look at the ads that are working well and use this as a guide to make initial adjustments to the page to improve the performance.

Build on the basics

Once the basics have been covered, the tests can start to get a lot more exciting. From testing out a few new images to tie in with a user’s search, to completely re-designing the whole page – there are endless opportunities. Just bear in mind that it’s likely a user will navigate away from the page you are working on, so it’s best to keep the key design fairly consistent.

Create geo-targeted messaging

This works particularly well with campaigns that are targeted to a specific location. Why not make the user journey as easy as possible by mentioning the location within the ads, which directs to a page that not only mentions the location but shows local content or options too? Use Google Optimize to remove as many barriers as possible and make it ridiculously easy for your customers to find what they want.

Use your largest asset = data!

With the wealth of data held within Google Analytics, we can start to drill into what users are looking for when the land on a site. By looking at popular content, on-site searches and analysing which filters or sorting options are used most often – we can start to build a picture of what users are looking for to then adapt the pages accordingly.

We’re super excited that the integration with AdWords has now been rolled out. We’ve seen some fantastic results for our clients and can’t wait to find out what else it has in store for our clients!

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