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SuperWeek 2018 closing keynote


Why you should go to SuperWeek in 2019


We had another incredible week on top of a mountain in Hungary. If you missed out, here’s my closing keynote summary of the highlights we’re taking away from this year:

SPWK 2018 Closing keynote



SuperWeek is the perfect way to start your year if you’re in the analytics industry. You may have heard highlights on “the socials” and got a flavour of what goes on up there on the mountain top but to experience a full week of excellent talks and demonstrations from industry leaders is another thing entirely.

The programme was packed this year ( everyday was essential to attend in my view – <humble>even down to the closing keynote.</humble>

There was a necessary and invaluable focus on GDPR and Machine Learning this year. The actionable takeaways easily pay for the entry price.

It’s so exciting to see global brands such as Google and Sky represented and openly sharing insights into how they work, what makes them world leaders, and actively encouraging you to use their insights and techniques – thanks all!

Additionally, the quality of entries for the now legendary Golden Punch Card prize surpassed expectations. You have to congratulate and thank all the folks for sharing their innovations for everyone to learn from. Hats off to all and special congratulations to the winners on a superb application of Machine Learning.

We don’t have to delve into the conference memes in detail (#MattGershoffed, Tim Wilson’s luscious hair, I’m not a lawyer) but it has to be said, the event is FUN as well as being a professional gold mine that isn’t to be missed.

See you on the mountain top in 2019!


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