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Audio Ads Now Available on DoubleClick Bid Manager

Google announced yesterday that Audio Ads are available globally on DoubleClick Bid Manager. This is a huge opportunity for advertisers as audio streaming platforms continue to grow their numbers and the market is attracting more players to join (last week, Youtube Chief Product Office Neal Mohan also announced Youtube Music).

Statista forecast that the number of music streaming users worldwide is expected to grow from 1.1 billion in 2016 to 1.4 billion in 2022.

Number of digital music users worldwide from 2016 to 2022, by format (in millions).

Source: Statista

From now on, PPC Managers can access ad inventory across Google Play Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and TuneIn — with Pandora and probably YouTube Music coming soon.

Spotify and Soundcloud already released a statement about this new opportunity. Zuzanna Gierlinska, head of programmatic, Europe at Spotify said “We are thrilled to see DoubleClick embracing programmatic audio. This launch makes it possible for Bid Manager customers to reach Spotify’s highly engaged audience across video, display and audio formats”.

Chris Blackburn, Head of Global Sales and Partnerships, SoundCloud said that “As a company whose foundation is in audio, we deeply understand the medium’s impact and recognize why it has quickly become the most personalized way for brands to connect with their audiences – including our own highly engaged and influential community of tastemakers. SoundCloud is thrilled to be working closely with DoubleClick at the forefront of the development of their audio programmatic solution. This is a huge milestone for the digital marketing industry and for the evolution of audio advertising.”

Jean-Claude Homawoo, product manager at Doubleclick believes that “Audio ads bought through DoubleClick help brands connect with people even when they aren’t engaged with the screen on their device. In these moments when they are listening to audio, people aren’t overwhelmed with multiple ads, meaning that brands who are present get higher share of voice.”

Here at Conversion Works, as music lovers and audio streaming addicts, we see the great potential that Audio Ads will have in the future. The possibility of reaching consumers with the right messages in audio, just like we do across other online channels, “sounds” really exciting.

If you need some help with DoubleClick or would like to know more about Audio Ads, let us know! We’re on Twitter at @conversionworks.


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