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Introducing Google Goal-Optimised Shopping Campaigns

As digital marketers, our aim is to showcase products to our target market wherever these users may be online, whilst also trying to meet set performance objectives. Early last month, Google announced a new Shopping campaign format – ‘goal-optimised Shopping campaigns’, which will help accomplish this goal.

What are goal-optimised Shopping campaigns?

This campaign type combines Shopping and display remarketing campaigns to show ads across the Search Network, Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube, and Gmail. This campaign will automatically optimise activity based on the goal you define, be it maximising revenue or return on ad spend (ROAS).How do they work?

You will need to supply a product feed, budget, image assets and define a performance goal which Google will combine and, using machine learning, test different variations of asset and product combinations across their network at different bid levels to reach your desired goal.

Across Search, user search queries and predicted intent determine which of your products from the feed is shown whilst across the GDN, ads are shown based on the user’s engagement on site. This is similar to how dynamic remarketing works, by showcasing products which a user has shown interest in.

What are the requirements?

To run a Shopping campaign that is goal-optimised, you will need to ensure that:

  1. AdWords conversion tracking is set up to include tracking conversion value
  2. You have recorded at least 20 conversions over the last 45 days across Shopping campaigns
  3. You have a remarketing list of at least 100 active users

How do you set these up?

If all the requirements above have been met, the campaign itself is simple to set up.

You will need to have the following assets:

  1. Company logo
  2. Marketing image – this will be used for users that have been on your website but not yet expressed an interest in a specific product. After interest has been shown, the relevant product data will be used to create an ad.

Once ready, please see the detailed step-by-step instructions here.

Things to bear in mind

  • Goal-optimised Shopping campaigns take priority over standard Shopping and remarketing campaigns for the same product, so Google recommend setting a budget total equal to the average spend across these two campaign types. In addition, they recommend pausing the other campaigns to minimise interference with the machine learning.
  • This campaign uses machine learning which can take time to optimise to the target you have set, so it is recommended to allow 2-3 weeks before making any optimisations or decisions on the success of the campaign

If you have any questions about this campaign type or need any help setting up a campaign, please feel free to get in touch.


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