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A Recipe for Activating Audiences across the Google Marketing Platform

Tools needed: Display & Video 360, Analytics 360, Optimize 360

Preparation time: Super quick! 

According to a recent Salesforce study, 52% of B2C consumers, and 65% of business buyers, are likely to switch brands if a company or vendor doesn’t personalise communications to them.

Take a moment to think about that. If you’re not serving personalised ads and customising onsite experiences, you risk losing over half of your customers to competitors.

Not to mention, the opportunities you’re missing to increase conversion rate and AOV for high value customers by serving up content that rewards for loyalty and encourages upsell.

With this is mind, it’s surprising how few companies are nailing (really, nailing) online personalisation.

We get that many companies have concerns about not wanting to pry too far into personal data for fear of creeping out their customers. But according to the same Salesforce study, the tides are changing and customers are increasingly willing to trade data for better online experiences.

Taking a step back, a successful personalisation strategy doesn’t require you to have a mountain of rich customer data at your disposal.

What’s the name of your dog? Who’s your celebrity crush? What’s your favourite Cadburys Hero? Not needed here.

We’re talking about subtle personalisation; helpful personalisation, that leverages first party data to serve relevant messages that will prompt your customers to take action.

The good news is that taking your audience strategy to the next level is easy to achieve with the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) – all you need is data, kickass creatives and some clever cookies in your digital marketing team.

Let’s look at a demo.

You own a chocolate shop: Using Google Analytics 360, you’ve identified a group of loyal customers that have each placed 3 orders in the last 12 months (hooray). The AOV for this group is £20 – that’s 33% lower than the site-wide AOV of £30 (hmph).

With Christmas approaching, you would like to encourage these users to spend more on their next order by presenting them with an attractive offer across remarketing ads and on the homepage (a free selection box with purchases of £30 or more). 

Here’s what you do.


  • Step 1: Link your Display & Video 360 advertiser and Optimize container to your Analytics property.
  • Step 2: In Analytics 360, create an audience (‘3 Orders-12 Months-Low Value’) for users that meet the following conditions:
    • Transactions per user > 2, AND
    • Date of First Session is on or after 26/10/17, AND
    • Revenue per user < £61

In the ‘Audience destinations’ section, select your Display & Video 360 and Optimize accounts.

  • Step 3: In Optimize 360, set up an experiment that shows a banner on the homepage with the message, “Our gift to you: free selection box when you spend £30 or more”. Target the experiment to the ‘3 Orders-12 Months-Low Value’ audience.
  • Step 4: In Display & Video 360, create a remarketing campaign, targeted to the ‘3 Orders-12 Months-Low Value’ audience, with creatives that feature the message: “Our gift to you: free selection box when you spend £30 or more”.
  • Step 5: Monitor the Display & Video 360 reports in the Acquisition section of Analytics 360 to see conversion metrics for your newly created audience (we predict a steady uptake in AOV – enjoy!).

Et voilà. In 5 simple steps, you have successfully acted on the opportunities that matter for the customers that matter; you have activated your audiences.

And that’s just the start. Once you get analysing, the opportunities are endless. Think what could be achieved by activating audiences based on Customer Lifetime Value, Tripwire Marketing and Predictive Analytics… 

We encourage you – no, urge you – to get started today. With the right utensils, a dollop of know-how and a dusting of creativity, it really is a piece of cake!


For help with activating your audiences across the Google Marketing Platform (GMP), please get in touch with our Biddable Media specialists.



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