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Increase Your Mobile Site Speed with Google

Mobile Site Speed

To start, site speed is known to be the average time taken for a sample of several pages on a website to load. Individually, these pages each have their own page speed. As a whole, and individually, you’d want these to be as low as possible, while providing high quality content and a smooth user experience.

You might be thinking why focus on my mobile site speed? Well, mobile site speed is more important, than it ever has been and it’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Increases in mobile usage and traffic have soared over the last decade, taking over from desktop as the dominant device for most industry sectors. Mobile searches, browsing and even purchasing, are more importantly becoming the norm in consumers and therefore day to day lives of digital marketers. Given this change, mobile site speed and therefore mobile page speed should be a priority.

Why Does Mobile Page Speed Matter?

Apart from the above, to put it simply, the quicker the speed, the higher the revenue. According to Google, your mobile speed score can have massive influence on your overall success, stating ‘for every one second delay in page load time, conversions can fall by up to 20 percent’.

Now, your mobile site and page speed becomes a little more pressing with the peak sales period on the horizon, not to mention that increase of mobile use globally. However, all hope is not lost, as there are a few ways to help identify and improve your mobile site to reduce friction and slide those users right through your site, to the checkout.

Find Your Mobile Page Speed & Speed Scores

There are more than a few ways to discover insights into your mobile site and page speed. Thankfully most of these are free, easy to use and available online.

Landing Pages Report

To use this feature of Google Ads each landing page in use requires a minimum amount of data (unspecified by Google) for your score to be calculated. I’ve seen scores been given, and not, for pages with 10-100 clicks. Even then, you only get a small insight into your speed score with a rating out of 10.  So, this can show which of your landing pages you should take a closer look at, but not the best tool out there.

Test My Site & Speed Scorecard

Google have however released a handy URL testing tool. All you need to do is pop in your website URL and in less than a minute you’ll get your results. You also get an industry comparison and a free report as to how you can improve your site or, as to why it’s so great! To add to this, Google have released a Speed Scorecard, that lets you compare your domain against others, calculate the potential revenue impact and provides a plethora of insights and resources on mobile speed.

Google Analytics

If you’re using Google Analytics, then you’ve possibly one of the most powerful tools at your fingertips, when it comes to finding insights on your mobile page speed and speed scores at scale. To see a wealth of information about your mobile speed navigate to ‘Behaviour > Site Speed’ with a segment of mobile devices applied.

Here you can see data for your mobile speed for each of the individual pages of your site. Taking this one step further, you can get all of this insight with a page speed score and suggestions in Google Analytics from Google’s PageSpeed Insights (another handy tool) from the Speed Suggestions report. These insights are available through the free version of Google Analytics I’d suggest this as your go to option.

Increasing Your Mobile Site Speed

Most of the methods outlined to give you mobile speed insights, show you how to improve your mobile site speed. Simply follow the suggestions given (see below), to bump it up and reap the benefits. Another way to increase your mobile speed score is arguably, the trend, being pushed in the mobile first world. The AMP Project, which Google launched back in 2015, has been designed to carry speed and user experience at the forefront of its design. With all the information you need and step by step guides widely available online, it shouldn’t be too long before you have your speedy new pages up and running!

Start Today

Now you have everything you need to find and improve your mobile site and page speed. If you haven’t already got a plan of action, there’s no better time to start than now. First find the areas of improvement, plan the necessary work and then make it happen.

If you do have any questions about Google Mobile Site or Page Speed, feel free to get in touch today.




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