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Coming Soon: Click Share for Google Ads Search Campaigns

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Google have recently announced that click share metrics will be rolling out to all search campaigns in the coming weeks.

What is Click Share?

Click share is something you most probably have noticed from your Google Ads Shopping campaigns, since 2015. If not, then you should be looking at it. For those who don’t know it’s a metric showing the estimated share of all achievable clicks that your ads have received.

Example: if there is an estimated 100 clicks available and you received 60 clicks, your click share would be 60%. Alternatively, if you received 52 clicks and your click share was 40%, the total amount of clicks available would be 130 (52 / 0.4).

Where can I Find Click Share?

Click share can be found under competitive metrics, whilst choosing columns in Google Ads. You can view this metric at the campaign, ad group and keyword level for more information on how your Search campaigns are performing.

Click Share Metrics

How do I Improve my Click Share?

Now, the lower your click share, the more opportunity you have to capture additional clicks. There are a few ways to increase your share of available clicks:

  1. Aim to increase your impression share and more importantly your absolute top impression share, as it’s well known that ads on the top half of the SERP get the best exposure and are more likely to receive clicks.
  2. Try to improve your ad copy and ad extensions to make your ads more attractive to users.
  3. Where budget allows, try increasing your bids to appear in higher positions

If you have any questions about new Google releases or those mentioned in the article, feel free to get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help!


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