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ConversionWorks are now a full stack Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner

When I started ConversionWorks back in 2013, I wanted to create a consultancy that would employ smart people with mathematical minds who would be able to use the best technology available to solve the most challenging marketing problems.

The advertising market was becoming more complex, but with that complexity came opportunity. The consultancies and brands who embraced this change, who rolled up their sleeves and leveraged all the tech knowledge that was becoming available, would win.

The clue to how we think is in our name: Conversion Works. Strength in Numbers. We feel marketing should be empirical and that maths and data science is the way you do it.

We quickly identified Google as the enterprise technology partner we wanted to work closest too. Wide-ranging, well-executed and easy-to-use platforms that integrated seamlessly with the most critical and fast-growing media channels.

As such, we were the first UK agency to achieve sales partner status for Google Analytics Premium, and have been driving performance success for UK brands across the GA360 technology stack ever since.


But I’m thrilled to announce this partnership with Google has gone further and deeper. We realised that as well as measuring and understanding 1st party data, and building and understanding their audiences, our clients wanted us to execute on those audiences and buy against them programmatically, thereby closing the loop.

So with that in mind, we applied for and have now become certified sales partners for Search Ads 360 and Display & Video 360. Google now acknowledges us as a tier 1 partner across their entire enterprise martech stack.

This is a huge moment for us. It demonstrates our intent and desire to continue to leverage the smartest people using the smartest technology to solve the most complex marketing challenges around.

Well done to the team and many thanks to our partners at Google. We have a fascinating and fun journey ahead.

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