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3 Tips for Retail Success with Google Ads in the Holidays

The holiday season is THE busiest time of the year for retailers, so to help you hit your targets in 2019 we’re giving you three quick tips to start you on the road to success!

1. Seasonality Adjustments

If you’re using smart bidding it’s time to test Google’s new feature to get the most out of your performance. Which means no more learning periods! ‘Tis the season… 

For those who don’t know seasonality adjustments are ‘an advanced tool that can be used to inform Smart Bidding of expected changes in conversion rates for future events like promotions or sales’. Therefore you can really maximise your performance whilst keeping your smart bidding strategy enabled.  

However be warned, that seasonality adjustments aren’t suitable for extended periods of time, more than 14 days according to Google. So, have a think about the best times to use them. Hint: Black Friday and the beginning of any prolonged sales periods, as conversion rate should peak at first, then level out. 

2. Seasonal Ad Copy

This may seem like an obvious one to most but this is something that may not cross everyone’s mind. Ad copy is supposed to be as relevant to the user as possible. So whilst bearing that in mind, each season gives you the opportunity to make your ads more relatable to a consumer. 

Marks & Spencer do a great job of this, highlighting the need to ‘wrap up in style this season’, albeit the headlines could do with a winter warmer. The ad references the need to wrap up in the colder season but stays true to the main focus of fashionable women’s jackets. It’s also a best practice to add seasonal offers to make your ad as appealing as possible.  

3. Maximise Budgets 

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for retailers, with over half of UK consumers planning to do the majority of their Christmas shopping in November, according to Deloitte. So, It’s key to get the right budgets in place to keep up with search demand during this time. 

The easiest way of doing this is to review last year’s performance for times when your campaigns were limited by and areas where your impression share was lost, due to budgets. This can be done by selecting the relevant dates and adding the ‘Search lost IS’, ‘Search lost top IS’ and ‘Search lost abs. top IS’ columns. Something you should be getting used to after Google sunset the Av. Position metric at the end of last month. 

Also, keep a budget sheet to refer to specific changes each year to easily recall what changes were made and to see if an up-weight is needed for this year. An added step to make sure you’re as accurate as possible. 

Now with these quick tips you’ll be on your way to campaign success during the holiday season. If you have any questions about any features mentioned above, or those around Google Ads feel free to get in touch today and the team are more than happy to help! 


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