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New Google Ads Lead Form Extensions

Seeing new Google Ads betas pop up in the interface is a regular occurrence with Google continuously looking to add new features to boost advertising performance. However, one of the latest betas to become available is one which seriously caught our eye here at ConversionWorks – Lead Form Extensions.

Whilst Lead Form Extensions are not a new concept – with Google trialling similar information capturing extensions in the past – the current beta accommodates CRM integration, providing the capability to log valuable leads directly from the SERP into customer management systems. This extension therefore provides a significant opportunity for B2B and lead-focused companies to really get the most out of their ad spend.

These new extensions appear in a similar position to the current ad extensions, with a small tab underneath ads which users can click into. This tab can be customised with a specific call-to-action, alongside a 30 character description:

Once users click into the extensions a short, customisable lead form opens up, allowing users to submit their information in a quick and simple manner. With a 30 character headline, an area to enter your business name, a 200 character description, and the option to collect any combination of users names, emails, phone numbers and postcodes, these forms can be fully tailored to meet advertisers needs.

There’s even an option to upload an image that appears as a banner along the top of the submission form. Upon submission, a customisable thank-you screen is shown to the user, with another 200 character description and a link to either visit the website, or start a download.

Whilst the forms themselves are a great way to easily capture leads, the CRM integration is where this extension really shines. By inputting a webhook URL and key (generated within CRM software), the data collected within these lead form extensions can be sent directly into CRM systems, where leads can then be followed up at a later time. This provides a fantastic opportunity for B2B and lead-gen advertisers to quickly capture users information directly from the SERP and seamlessly follow up directly from their CRM system. 

However, even if your CRM system doesn’t have the capability to provide a webhook URL and key – and therefore link up to the Lead Form – the extension still has great utility. The leads collected through the extension are held within Google Ads for up to 30 days, and can be downloaded at any time as a csv – just remember to download them regularly so the leads aren’t lost as they leave the 30 day window!

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