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Cross-Channel Remarketing in Search Ads 360

We briefly touched on cross-channel audiences in Search Ads 360 (SA360) in our guide to SA360 Audience Solutions.

In this blog I wanted to expand on this, and share the exciting possibilities that are available with cross-channel remarketing through SA360.

In short, using cross-channel audiences in combination with remarketing strategies allows you to reach users who have interacted with your brand, even when they move between platforms.


Laptop next to mobile phone

Today’s users move between channels and devices. Photo by Mad Fish Digital

Take the Holistic Approach

With the traditional approach, remarketing activity is contained within each engine, so you might have a social remarketing campaign that retargets users who have interacted with one of your posts, while they’re on that social network.

Likewise, you might run remarketing activity on the search network, retargeting users who have visited your site while they continue to use that search engine.

This approach has its limitations, as you can only retarget potential customers within each channel separately.

It prevents a holistic approach to remarketing, and this means you can be out of touch with today’s consumer, whose journey to purchase contains many touchpoints across a variety of devices and channels.

The Basics – Remarketing Across Social Networks & Search Engines

In SA360 you’re able to retarget users you’ve previously reached with search ads on social networks, and vice versa: you can retarget users who you’ve previously reached with social ads while they search.


Search to Social audiences allow you to target users on social engines who have previously interacted with ads in search results.


Social to Search audiences allow you to target users with search ads who have previously interacted with social media ads.


Bear in mind that you can’t target impression-based audiences in Search and Social engines, so you’re not able to re-target users who have only seen an advert.

They must have interacted with the ad to be added to the audience.

Social to Search Audiences in Search Ads 360 – Beth’s Stunning Red Shoes


Red High-Heeled Shoes

Beth’s Stunning Red Shoes. Photo by Gábor Szűts


To bring this concept to life, lets see how this works in a simple example. First we’ll explore retargeting users on search once they’ve interacted with a social advert.

Let’s say that Jeff’s Shoe Emporium sell a range of shoes from their online shop. They want to target users exposed to their social campaigns with ads in search.

Their aim is to introduce their brand to potential customers on Facebook, then remain at the forefront of their minds when those potential customers search and are closer to making a purchase.

They know their shoes are beautifully crafted, gorgeously styled and competitively priced, and they’d like to improve their remarketing activity to maximise sales, grow their customer base and bring happiness to shoe shoppers everywhere.

Step one: Jeff’s Shoe Emporium uses SA360 to create a Social to Search remarketing list in the SA360 UI.

They add the SA360 parameter to their social ads in order to create a parallel Google Ads remarketing list made up of users who have interacted with their social media adverts. They’re all set!

Meanwhile, Beth is on Facebook and sees one of Jeff’s Shoe Emporium’s ads while scrolling through her News Feed.

She spots a pair of delicious red shoes she loves in the ad. Deciding that she could do with a pair like those for an upcoming event she clicks on the ad and browses the website.

Beth becomes distracted and doesn’t complete her purchase, but because she clicked the ad she’s added to Jeff’s Shoe Emporium’s Social to Search remarketing list.

Using the Social to Search remarketing list, Jeff’s Shoe Emporium are able to target Beth with adverts while she searches.

Beth sees one of the search ads while continuing her hunt for pretty red shoes on She remembers that she’s been to the site before and saw *those* red shoes, so she clicks the ad, finds the shoes and hurriedly makes her purchase before she gets distracted again.

Jeff’s Shoe Emporium celebrates another happy customer and another sale of their party-ready red shoes.

Beth celebrates the new addition to her shoe collection, pleased that she was able to buy the pair of red shoes she fell in love with on Facebook.

She attends the event and is the belle of the ball in her shiny new red shoes.

Three ladies on a bench

Tina is the belle of the ball in her new shoes! Photo by Ben White

Search to Social Audiences in Search Ads 360 – Tina’s Comfortable Canvas Shoes


Tina's Comfortable Canvas Shoes

Tina’s Comfortable Canvas Shoes. Photo by Manki Kim


The same technique can be employed the other way round, allowing brands to target users who have previously interacted with search ads with social media ads.

Again, Jeff’s Shoe Emporium uses SA360 to create a Search to Social remarketing list in the SA360 UI. The SA360 parameter tag is then added to their search ads.

Meanwhile, Tina is looking for new shoes and wants a replacement for her worn-out pair of canvas shoes. She searches Google for “comfortable canvas shoes”.

Tina sees an ad for Jeff’s Shoe Emporium in the search results, and notices that they offer a money back guarantee if the shoes are uncomfortable. “Perfect!” she thinks, so she clicks the ad to take a look herself.

After some browsing she has a short list of 5 pairs of comfy canvas shoes in a range of colours. Exhausted by her efforts she treats herself to a bath but then completely forgets about the shoes sitting in her basket.

As she interacted with the search ad, she’s added to a Search to Social remarketing list.

Tina later sees an ad from Jeff’s Shoe Emporium in her Facebook News Feed as they’re using the remarketing list on Facebook to target social ads.

Tina is reminded that she needs shoes and doesn’t want to miss out so clicks the ad, narrows down her options to just one pair of beautifully comfortable canvas shoes and makes her purchase.

Jeff’s Shoe Emporium celebrates yet another happy customer, and another sale made possible through their cross-channel marketing strategy.

Tina and her pair of canvas shoes live comfortably ever after!

Tina happy in her comfortable canvas shoes

That’s one happy Tina! Photo by Allef Vinicius

Implementing Search to Social and Social to Search remarketing in SA360

We’ve covered the basics in this blog and shown how these types of strategies can bring together brands and potential customers.

Check out Google’s guide to cross-channel remarketing in SA360 for more on this topic.

If you’d like more information, or help implementing these strategies for your own business, don’t hesitate to get in touch – give us a call or leave us a comment below!


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