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Black Friday 2019: Create Seasonality Adjustments for your Search and Display Campaigns

With just two weeks left until the biggest shopping event of the year, the race is on to make sure your search, display and shopping campaigns are optimised to reach online bargain-hunters across the country.  

You’ll likely be busy populating your adcopy with Black Friday-related messaging, setting up promotion extensions, brainstorming new keyword ideas, generating promotional image ads, priming your audience lists for remarketing and preparing your shopping feeds

Heck, you might even be working on countdown customisers and Merchant Promotions!

    < If you haven’t started yet – don’t panic, there’s still time! >

But what about automated bid strategies? 

You’re anticipating a seismic shift in conversion rate as shoppers flock online in the early hours of 29/11 – so how will Google’s bidding strategies help (or hinder) your plans to achieve Black Friday domination?

Historically, machine learning algorithms have struggled to respond to sudden changes in performance. By the time the machine catches up, your promotion may be over. 

But this year, for the first time, Google Ads and Search Ads 360 are recommending that automated bid strategies are left running across key seasonal shopping dates, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. 

The rollout of new features and algorithmic updates means that Google bid strategies such as Target CPA and Target ROAS can now be relied on to make better predictions and react more quickly to incremental peaks, without the need for manual intervention. 

One of these new features is Seasonality Adjustments.

Announced at Google Marketing Live 2019, advertisers have the ability to inform bidding strategies of expected changes in conversion rates for future events like promotions or sales. 

For example, if you’re expecting conversion rate to be 2.5 times higher than the historical average for a 24-hour period, you can set a seasonality adjustment that increases the conversion rate by up to 150% for that specific day. 

Rest assured that once the sale has ended, bidding will automatically return to pre-sales behaviour without the need for a manual ramp down. 

Seasonality Adjustments are ideal for short-term promotions that last between 6 hours to 7 days, with an expected conversion rate increase of at least 30%. 

For longer promotions (14 days+) that are likely to incur a gradual increase in conversion rate (+1-2% per day), there is no need to apply an adjustment as Google’s bidding strategies already take broad seasonality changes into account. 

At present, Seasonality Adjustments are available only for Search and Google Display Network campaigns. Support for Shopping is expected later this year. 

Getting started is easy – simply follow the steps listed in the Help Centers for either Google Ads or Search Ads 360.

If you need any help with preparing your campaigns for Black Friday, please do get in touch today. 

On behalf of all of us at ConversionWorks, we wish you a very successful seasonal shopping period!


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