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Google Ads Bid Strategy Report Update – Top Signals

Smart Bidding in Google Ads


Google Ads Smart Bidding Strategies are powerful tools that use machine learning to optimise auction-time bids towards conversions (sales or leads for example) or conversion value (E.g. revenue). 

The strategies use data to predict how different bids might affect conversion goals, and these predictions are made at each and every auction, using a whole range of information about the user and their context, known as “signals”.

These signals include what device the user is on, their browser and operating system, their location, their interests, the time and day of the week, as well as demographic information such as age and gender.


Bid Strategy Reports   


Bid Strategy Reports provide information on the status and performance of each bidding strategy, though until recently these have not included any insights into the top signals that are driving performance.

Google has recently launched new updates to the Target CPA and Maximise Conversions Bid Strategy Reports that allow you to gain insight into which signals are driving performance – exciting!

For example, you can now clearly see if certain keywords are underperforming, or certain locations boost overall performance.

This information can then inform additional optimisation, such as pausing keywords or amending ad schedules.


Google Ads Bidding Strategy Report Top Signals Example


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