by Diogo


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Are Price Extensions underestimated on Google Ads?

Price Extensions have been around for a while, more precisely July 2016, as a mobile only format. In March 2017, Google rolled out Price Extensions for Desktop, however, the extension is some distance away from being embraced by all PPC managers. The goal for this extension is to highlight business products or categories in detail,…

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by Luke


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What Can We Expect from Google’s Responsive Search Ads?

Google dropped a hint back in 2017, with automated ad suggestions, that certain advertisers weren’t getting the most out of their ad copy; stating that 3-5 ad variations per ad group would likely see a better performance than 1-2 ads. Shortly after, Google dropped another hint, with automated ad suggestions becoming a full feature for…

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by Leila


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Prepare your Google Ads Campaigns for Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0

  You may have recently received an email from Google Ads about the impact of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) 2.0 on your ability to track users on Safari: “Important: Update Your Google Ads tags to continue measuring conversions”. You might be wondering what it all means, how it impacts you, and what you need to…

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