by Leila


Google Ads, Smart Bidding

Google Ads Bid Strategy Report Update – Top Signals

Smart Bidding in Google Ads   Google Ads Smart Bidding Strategies are powerful tools that use machine learning to optimise auction-time bids towards conversions (sales or leads for example) or conversion value (E.g. revenue).  The strategies use data to predict how different bids might affect conversion goals, and these predictions are made at each and…

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by Jennifer


Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, Search Ads 360, Smart Bidding

Black Friday 2019: Create Seasonality Adjustments for your Search and Display Campaigns

With just two weeks left until the biggest shopping event of the year, the race is on to make sure your search, display and shopping campaigns are optimised to reach online bargain-hunters across the country.   You’ll likely be busy populating your adcopy with Black Friday-related messaging, setting up promotion extensions, brainstorming new keyword ideas, generating…

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by Luke


Google Ads, Paid Search, Smart Bidding

Google Marketing Live 2019 – Smart Bidding Improvements

Google Marketing Live 2019 has been packed full of new releases, features and announcements after it’s first day. Leaving us with a fair few topics of discussion about how best to, in Google’s words, ‘be responsible, be there and be useful’. What we’ll be focusing on here are the updates and improvements to smart bidding…

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