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Control the Optimize anti-flicker script

A client just mailed me with the opening line “Happy FriYay!”. I love that. It makes me want to share cool stuff. Here’s an idea I’ve been brewing. I’m considering using Valuetrack parameters in Google Ads to power personalisation (p13n) treatments. Based on the ad headline or tone or message, we want to change the…

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by Louise


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ConversionWorks Shortlisted for Google Premier Partner Awards 2019

The finalists for the prestigious Google Premier Partner Awards 2019 have finally been revealed and we’re thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for ‘Shopping Excellence’. 

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by Doug


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GTM Monitor v2.0

Hands up who’s browser history looks like this: Yep, lots of Simo-treasure!  The most recent post was a fine collaboration between Simo Ahava and another community pillar, Mark Edmondson describing how to build and GTM monitor using GCP components and a great new GTM feature. I like this a lot – I’ve followed the article to…

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by James


Google Tag Manager

Zones. What are they good for?

Despite the potentially misleading title, zones are great… but this isn’t news, and certainly not worth of a blog post on its own. Zones have been a feature of Google Tag Manager 360 since March 2018, enabling companies to easily load and manage multiple containers on the same website.   Why would you want to…

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by Leila


GMP, Remarketing, Search Ads 360

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” – Adaptive Remarketing Targets in Search Ads 360

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking was not in the business of being wrong. To make progress in life and marketing, we must adapt. Things change, and so must we. Helpfully, amongst the industry-leading tools available to marketers through Search Ads 360, there are a number of adaptive…

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by Doug

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What is “The Cloud” anyway?

Summary My last few posts have been quite heavy on “Google Cloud Platform” product usage.  I appreciate these are of a more technical bent, and as I humbly boldly claim to be able to speak to engineers and humans, I’m going to shift gears in this post to explain what, how, and why ConversionWorks uses Google Cloud…

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by Louise


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An Intro to SA360’s Upgraded Inventory Campaigns

Search Ads 360 (SA360) has the ability to automatically create campaigns using dynamic data, based on your inventory feed.

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