The Little Book of GTM Best Practices

Whilst the concept of tag management is not new, the growth of online marketing, analytics and optimisation has heralded a proliferation of tag usage on websites. This has brought tag management to the forefront of of the business agenda with analytics budgets outstripping spending on other areas in IT.

Having arrived on this page, you recognise you need to use a Tag Management Solution and you want to use it well. You need to avoid common pitfalls or it could cost rather than deliver value.

The book is organised to follow the flow of a typical project from inception, design and planning, through design and build to operational procedures and onwards. You’ll see how to avoid anti-patterns, pitfalls and potential mistakes at all stages in the project lifecycle.

This book will encourage and help you to spend less time building and maintaining your tag management solution so you can spend more time extracting insights and value from your data. You’ll do this by using the design patterns and best practices explained and demonstrated in these pages.

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